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Young woman on YSPP webinar

Attending a webinar is a convenient way to learn more about suicide and bullying prevention. Joining a meeting does not take long, and all you need is a PC or laptop with working speakers and access to the internet.

Check out our current Training Calendar for upcoming webinars.

Webinars we have offered include:

Introduction to Youth Suicide Prevention

This class will review the myths and facts about youth suicide as well as the risk factors and warning signs. Three strategies for intervening with an at-risk youth will be discussed along with resources for help.

Introduction to Understanding Self-harm

More and more young people are engaged in self-harming behaviors; but why? When teens self-harm does that mean they are suicidal? This class will explore some of the reasons for the behavior and how parents, counselors, and caregivers can appropriately respond without reinforcing the behavior.

Coping with Adolescent Stress & Depression

Teen are stressed out about school, friends, their bodies, family expectations, and many more things. How do we help them cope? Are stress and depression the same thing? How do I know when to get them help? This class will provide practical suggestions and tools and the knowledge to know when to get professional help for your teen.

LGBTQ Youth: An Introduction to Risk & Protective Factors

An increased number of risk factors and typically fewer protective factors place our lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning youth at higher risk for suicide and self-harm. If those who work with LGBTQ youth are aware of these issues, they will be better prepared to offer services to these youth.

Who Should Attend?

Individuals and organizations who want to increase support for LGBTQ youth and who want to learn more about the issue of suicide and how it affects the LGBTQ youth in our communities.

Our FREE webinar addresses additional risk factors, warning signs, protective factors, and resources for youth that identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or questioning.

Bullying/Suicide Prevention: An Introduction to What Schools, Communities and Families Can Do

The desired outcomes for this trainings are to:

  • Be able to define bullying and bias based harassment (as it pertains to LGBTQ youth) and who's involved in the behaviors
  • Identify the relationship between bullying and bias based harassment & negative mental health outcomes
  • Identify negative emotions associated with these experiences - for the bully, the target and the bystander
  • Understand the risks of LGBTQ youth face
  • Recognize protective factors against bullying and bias based harassment
  • Recognize the warning signs for suicide
  • Demonstrate the intervention strategies of Show you Care, Ask the Question, and Get Help
  • Understand what schools, families, and community partners can do to prevent and intervene in bullying incidents
  • Identify resources for help at school and in the community


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