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Field coordinators: working locally to prevent youth suicide

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Field CoordinatorsYSPP field coordinators build a strong local support system for youth. To strengthen communication and collaboration among schools, families, churches, service clubs and local and regional government agencies, our coordinators create local coalitions that strive to ensure that fewer young people will fall between the cracks.

These dedicated workers are the hands, heart and pulse of youth suicide prevention in each location where they serve. They do this by:

  • Joining with various local agencies to incorporate YSPP education and training into their working agendas;

  • Facilitating discussion and outreach when a suicide or attempt occurs;
  • Appearing at local events to raise awareness of youth suicide and prevention services;
  • Serving as "the" resource link between suicide prevention needs and appropriate local services;
  • Facilitating YSPP presentations and trainings in a variety of local venues;
  • Working with faith communities to deconstruct old prejudices and stigmas that prevent at-risk youth and families from getting help;
  • Increasing awareness that the journey for LGBT youth is difficult which puts them at higher risk of suicide; and
  • Distributing resource cards with hotline numbers and websites widely throughout the community.
For more information, please contact the Field Coordinator in your area.


Mark Lee
Tri-Cities Field Coordinator
Susan Martin
Yakima County Field Coordinator
Mary Jadwisiak
Clark-Cowlitz Field Coordinator
Tamara Wright
Spokane County Field Coordinator





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